Smart Village(Eng.)

Smart City National Pilot City First Residential Complex

Busan Eco Delta Smart Village

  • Purpose

    A living lab-type complex will be constructed where citizens can experience the future life that will be realized in Busan Eco Delta Smart City beforehand, and it will be a place to experience various innovative services along with companies and/or organizations

  • Direction

    Residents from diverse backgrounds will live in and operate the living lab for five years, focusing on innovative technologies to be brought in Busan Eco Delta Smart City and Smart Village, together with public (R&D) institutions and private companies

  • History
    • Smart Village Construction Started
      Innovative Technologies Selected
      Selected Residents
      Smart Village Move in
  • Operation of Living Lab
    • *Operating Period : '22.1~'26.12
  • Innovative Technologies
    • The first smart technology experience complex in Korea where citizens directly propose, select, and demonstrate more than 40 innovative technologies and services to be introduced into the Smart Village from the planning stage

    • Direct proposal by citizens
      Direct participation by companies (solution contest)
      Direct selection by citizens (citizen evaluation group)
      Introduction of innovative technology
    • ① Smart Water & Environment ② Smart Energy ③ Smart Healthcare ④ Smart Robot ⑤ Smart Safety ⑥ Smart Mobility ⑦ Smart Home ⑧ Smart Living
  • Activities for Living Lab

    Presentation on the smart farm as an one of innovation technologies

    Presentation on the progress of Living Lab(Yonsei University)

    Workshop for living lab date

    Discussion on how to use living lab data (MIT Research Center, USA)

  • Activities for Community

    Education as a Talent Donation Activity

    Concert as a Talent Donation Activity

    Harvest vegetables in the smart farm

    Neighborhood Block Party with vegetables from smart farm